Simon von Lammeren - Action Coordinator

Simon von Lammeren - Action Coordinator

Simon van Lammeren is a Dutch stunt coordinator & performer. He started his action-packed career in 2002 with a background in rock climbing, being a black belt holder in Ninjutsu, back then he was also training the Historical European martial arts and Russian martial art called Systema. In 2004, he became a certified fight performer at the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC), Inevitably converting his martial arts knowledge to more dramatic screen combat techniques. In early 2006, Simon got certified as a stunt / precision driver at Seaman’s Stunt Driving School in the USA. In 2009, Simon decided it was time to back-up his rigging & climbing-knowledge with a world-wide industry-recognised standard and got himself certified as an IRATA level 1 rope access technician.

During his career in the stunt industry, Simon also founded a company called “XION® Protective Gear”, dedicated to designing & manufacturing body impact protective products, which became the no 1 preferred brand in body protection for stunt professionals.

Simon has been involved in over 400 National and International Film and TV productions.

Nowadays, Simon often teams up with his German Colleague & Action Director Stefan Richter on international features, complementing each other’s skills to offer high value & quality to any action-based sequence. Currently Simon is also a teacher in screen combat at the Dutch Film Actors Academy and the CEO of an Action Pact “The Dutch Stunt Company” which he founded in 2006.